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Bug Safari

Join our intrepid explorer on a safari through the parkland to investigate the habitat for insects in the Walled Garden.  Learn how to use scientific instruments to observe and identify a variety of insects using branching keys.

Curriculum Links 2014:

Lower KS2 Working Scientifically
Lower KS2 Living Things

Trees, Plants and Flowers

Explore Lydiard Park and study a variety of trees, plants and flowers. Learn the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. Discover parts of plants how they work together. Look at the different ways that plants survive in their habitat from the shape of their roots to the colour of their flowers.


Curriculum Links 2014:

KS1 Plants
KS1 Living things and their habitats
Lower KS2 Plants



Bees, butterflies and plants have been shaped by their habitat to work together. Discover how different plants attract different insects and how pollination takes place. Classify pollinators and plants, identifying features using etymology charts and observation.


Curriculum Links 2014:

KS2 Plants
KS2 Working Scientifically
KS2 Living things and their habitats

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