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Holding an event here

Lydiard Park is Swindon’s most important historic park, with a Grade I listed Palladian house, set in 260 acres of parkland. It serves a large residential population from both Swindon Borough and Wiltshire Councils and also attracts many tourists and visitors from out of the area. A wide range of events, festivals, sports, fundraising and community events take place in Lydiard Park throughout the year, including Cancer Research UK's Race for Life, Royal British Legion's Run2Remember and the Scouts Firework display.  In 2009, Lydiard Park was the venue for the Radio 1 Big Weekend and from 2010 to 2012 hosted the Big Arts Day - a large community arts festival.

The park is now an impressive venue for any cultural, sporting, business or community event. The fields surrounding the historic house and formal parkland are set aside for events and provide a beautiful, rural setting in a great location that is on the edge of Swindon and just off J16 of the M4. The events field is approximately 22 acres in size, with additional fields providing around 40 acres of outdoor event space including car parking. 

Holding an event within Lydiard Park

fun run

If you would like to hold an event here, please contact the Museums & Heritage Events Team by emailing or calling Lydiard Park on 01793 466 664.  We would ask that you consider the type of event that you want to organise, the activities being offered, capacity and potential dates. We expect you to have the right skills, resources and have planned enough time to successfully organise an outdoor event. You will need to source all of the suppliers for your event activities along with event infrastructure, which could include marquees, security services, power, lighting, traffic management, ticketing, fencing etc.

Once permission is given you will be asked to complete a hire form agreeing to our terms & conditions of hire and pay the non-refundable deposit of 25% of this hire fee. We will also ask you to complete an event safety notification form to submit with relevant documentation. Once submitted, your application will go through the Swindon Event Safety Advisory Group who will assess any potential risks associated with your event and advise you during your planning process to ensure that your event is safe, legal and well managed. You will need to produce the following:

* Event management plan - outlines and gives details all the various activities of your event and who will be doing what on the day. This will include contact details of your management team and all of the suppliers supporting and providing services to the event. We recommend that you refer to the Event Safety Guide (sometimes known as The Purple Guide) and other HSE guidelines throughout the planning process.

* Risk assessments – we want everyone who attends your event to go home happy and healthy, so it is essential that you carry out and provide a written Risk Assessment. The purpose of this is to identify all hazards, assess the risks which may arise from those hazards and decide on suitable measures to eliminate or control the risks.

* Public Liability Insurance cover - to take care of your legal liabilities as an event organiser if something should go wrong. The minimum level of Public Liability Insurance cover for events at Lydiard Park is £5 million, for high risk activities and events with over 5,000 attending it is £10 million.

For large events, you will also need to provide a traffic management plan and noise management plan (if relevant).  To allow Lydiard Park effective time to consider your proposal and to enable the Swindon Event Safety Advisory Group to give you proper advice, you will need to give the following period of notice:

Small events(Estimated attendance under 1000 people)

2 - 3 months notice

Medium events(Estimated attendance of 1000 to 5000 people or events with less than this capacity that we consider pose a medium to high risk))

3 months notice

Large events (Estimated attendance over 5000 people or events of less than this capacity that pose a high risk e.g. open-air concert, music festivals, firework displays & bonfires)

Minimum of 4 - 6 months.