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Lydiard Honey

Hardyman's Heritage Honey



Take home your own piece of Lydiard today.

Our honey is produced here at Lydiard Park. The honey bees are kept at the Apiary, situated close to the Walled Garden.

Hardyman's Heritage Honey is now available to purchase at Lydiard House and the Coach House Tea Rooms. 

Price: £4.95

Honey Make-up
18% water content 
35% Glucose (Dextrose) 
40% Fructose (Levulose) 
4% other sugars 
3% Other substances.
The other substances will cover, Organic acids, minerals, free amino acids, proteins and the pollens from the forage area of the bees.

To clear crystallised honey, remove the metal top and place the jar in a microwave for 20 seconds to just warm the honey, if you heat it over 45 Deg C. you will kill the beneficial parts within the honey and revert to very tasty sugar.